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Natural Texas Beef



No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics

SENDERO BROTHERS has strict standards when it comes to the health of our cattle. If one of our cattle becomes ill and we need to give it an antibiotic, it is removed from the All Natural herd permanently.


First, we don't ever lace our cattle with antibiotics or growth hormones.Equally important we don't put our cattle thru feedlots where they are held in tight conditions,causing stress and exposure to the diseases created by putting hundreds of cattle in undersized pens.SENDERO BROTHERS cattle are raised range free on naturally fertilized pastures,drinking cool clear water,and living a stress free  life.

OMEGA 3-OMEGA 6 fatty acids

The effects of grassfed beef and the nutritional benifits to the human body range from a lower risk of cancer to better circulation of the cardiovascular system.Levels of vitamin A and E are robust as carotene levels are increased .Which helps vitiman A line your eye lenses as well as the lining of your respiratory,urinary,and intestinal track.It also helps your immune system and  your skin.Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that is a powerful antioxidant which helps your body fight cancer and keep fit. SENDERO BROTHERS ALL NATURAL GRASSFED/GRASSFINISHED BEEF. 

Omega 6 fatty acid is the cholesterol heavy fat that gives beef a bad reputation.Thats the white fat left in your fryingpan when you cook a burger thats commercial beef.With SENDERO BROTHERS BEEF you have a much lower Omega 6 and a much better ratio to Omega 3 fatty acid which is the good fat your body must have.The ratio in feedlot beef can be as high as 20to1Omega 6 to Omega 3.With grassfed its as low as 2to1.THATS A BIG DIFFERENCE TO YOUR HEALTH .